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Eddie's Classic Arcade Collection

Williams, 1980


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This is the second game in the collection. Wade and I went in half on this cocktail game in 1997. It was semi local, about 40 miles away from Wade's house. By the way, for a few months, all the games were at Wade's since I was still living at home with my Dad like a big loser. I will tell you when they all made the big move to my place. This game wasnt my favorite either, but it was another classic and it was a cocktail so that made it more desired by Wade and I. Another best friend, Joe H. was really into this game. I just liked the idea of having two games in our possesion. We had it for about 3 years and it started to act up big time. We replaced the batteries, then I replaced the power supply with a adjustable Williams version converted by Bob Roberts, but it didnt do the trick. At this time, Wade was ready to make room, he wasnt into the games anymore like in the beginning. We ended selling it to a local for the same price we paid for it. During this time I found another Defender cocktail for a very good price and tried to repair it, but that wasnt a priority since it wasnt my favorite game , so eventually a buyer found my old web page and made an offer and I agreed to strip it for parts and sell it all minus the cabinet. So I can say that I actually had two Defender cocktails at once! It was fun while they were around.

Second Defender right before the stripping started

Here is the second Defender right before I started to strip it. It was spending most of its life in a shed, so it was better off where it was going, even if it was just a box of parts. Im ashamed of the funk on it, I should of atleast cleaned it before I took this pic!

Man playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The stripping has begun. Nevermind the lawnmower in the background, it wasnt used in the process.

Defender in pcs. How horrible!

This is what A Defender looks like outside of its cabinet, that goes for a upright too! Not much to look at, it all fit in two boxes, and if it wasnt for the control panels it would of all fit in one box!