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Bally/Midway, 1980

This game is reason #2 for collecting! I used to play the !?#*! out of this game when I was a snotty kid. Everytime I had saved up a few quarters, I would peddle my ass up a few blocks on my Mongoose and play this game in a great arcade. I wish I had taken pictures of this arcade, it was like all the old ones back then, had a bunch of black&white games and great music blarring in the background, as well as a smoky adult atmosphere that appealed to me so much. I love this game, nobody really plays this game at my house, its mainly me. This is also the only game that I hold the current high score on too. I suck at most of my games but I still love them. It makes me happy when everyone is in my game room cuttin up and having a blast. Work-wise I have done a cap kit, replaced a RAM board and replaced the bad amp pcb with a 30watt x 2 car amp! This thing is REALLY LOUD! I had to do it since I couldnt find a suitable replacment. Nothing wrong with it, works 100%! Flawless!

Gorf, reason #2 for collecting!

This is my second pride and joy! Reason #2 for collecting. Now if I only could get my hands on a cheap working Crazy Climber, I would be in arcade heaven!

One of the coolest games in the dark!

This is the other reason I love this game and most old games, look at all the lights! This is the most awesome nightlight out there! You dont see this type of coolness in a Mortal Kombat cabinet.

Here is a noname car amp acting as kick ass sound substitute!

Here is a inside shot of the car amp that now resides in the game above. This thing is so loud that almost no one else will play it because of its volume! hehehe

Below is a pic of the joystick, if you can see, there is a very small light buld in there. Both are blown out. Bob Roberts is fresh out of them bulbs too. Whoa is me.