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Eddie's Classic Arcade Collection
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Contact Me

I love to get mail!

Like I mentioned before, I am newbie frinedly and I love to answer questions. I have lately been getting alot of JAMMA questions, so ask ahead, I might know! :-)

Wayne, I got your question on the Galaga problems. Start looking around and look for a disconnected ground wire. Man, its all about the ground. If the contacts are touching, just trace the wires and look for something not right. Maybe there might be a pinched wire near the harness itself. Im 99% sure its a bad ground, not a big deal at all.

I'll post any useful information I receive. Don't worry, I'll be sure to to give you credit!
DONT use this link post box below, it doesnt work and I cant seem to remove it. Just click on my email address above and include your address and I will definitely write you back

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